7 Things I wish I Learned in Highschool


  “Study hard, get good grades, and get a good job.” says almost all mothers.


I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to go to school and learn all kinds of things from incredibly smart teachers. I have nothing against going to school. I believe that education is undeniably important. However, as I grow older I realized that some of the things I learned in school aren’t relevant to who I’m trying to become.


Here are the 7 things I wish I learned more in Highschool:


   1. Make money
In today’s world, everything has a price. It is hard to navigate life without money. Money is not everything but everything needs money. You need funds to pay rent, car, food, take your girl or boyfriend out on a date- everything cost. School taught us to work hard and get a job but none of that matters, especially now that we are in the middle of a crisis. I wish they taught us skills to make money other than getting a job.


   2. Money Management
We can call agree that making money is hard. We always say that “love of money is the root of all evil” yet we do so much to get. You have to work 8 hours a day and some of us have to do the work we don’t even like. They like to teach us finance, accounting, and other math-related but fail to teach us or at least emphasize the importance of investment, how much money should we invest, save, how to budget, and how to live below our means. These would’ve been more beneficial than having to find the value of “x”.


       3. Grades do not define your worth
I grew up with low self-esteem. I always do my best to get high grades, ace every test, join every extracurricular activity for extra credit because I feel worthless if I don’t see my name on the dean’s list. I used to feel like nobody would want to be my friend if I wasn’t smart. In my business, I haven’t met a client who wants to see my general average before hiring me, because in the real world nobody cares about your GPA. Employers now care more if you have problem-solving skills, critical thinking, integrity, communication skills, and more. I am not saying that you should not get good grades and start failing your exams, but schools and teachers should remind our students that grades do not define who they are and who they can be.


 4. Self-Care
Self-care is more than just having good hygiene. It’s about taking care of yourself without relying on anybody to do anything for you. Many people are suffering from anxiety, depression, anger issues, and all types of mental and emotional problems. Just imagine how different it would be if we have a strong foundation for our mental health. I wish I learned how to process my emotions the right way and how to fix ourselves when we get broken.



    5. Dating and Relationships
Just like how we have a sex-education class, I wish there were dating and relationship classes. Most young people nowadays do not know how to be in a relationship. Now some of these things should be taught at home but not everyone is blessed to have one as their role model. Millennials nowadays do not know how to love the right way. All these immature activities, tit-for-tat, possessiveness, and ownership is not what love is and yet many people find it cute. I wish they taught me how to create healthy and meaningful relationships.


    6. Physical health is an asset.
I can still remember that we only spend 1 hour a week for Physical Education. It gives me the impression that this was not as important as the other major subjects but I was wrong. Physical health should be everyone’s top priority. Yes, they taught us to eat our greens because vegetables are good for us, have a balanced diet, follow the food pyramid, exercise, we even had a nutrition month celebration but I feel like those are not enough. There should be a rule in the student handbook that says we should not get fat because of all the disadvantages that being fat brings. Health is wealth, they said and I agree. You spend more money being unhealthy than staying healthy.


         7.Time Management
Time management is a skill one should learn and develop over time if you want to be successful. We sometimes underestimate the power of time management. Wealthy people manage their time better. How do you think they acquire their wealth?

We all have 24 hours a day. What do you do with your time?
Are you productive or just busy?
Do you spend hours watching Netflix or are you reading books that can better your situation?
Next time you say you don’t have time to workout, think again.

The thing we have in common with rich people is TIME. You are what you spend time the most. Use it wisely.

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