Apps for LDR Couples

Do you ever get sad every time your partner leaves after spending the whole day together? It sucks right? Now imagine how couples on a LDR feels? Everyday they wish that things were different and constantly day dreaming on that “day” where they can finally spend time together for real. LDR couples treasure every minute they spend with their partners. Being in long distance relationship is tough and it’s no joke!

But don’t worry! Given the technology we have today, we can somewhat fill in that gap and still enjoy each other’s company in a creative way. Today, I’m going to share with you the apps that me and my LDR boyfriend used.

It’s my best advice to have at least 2-3 messaging apps that you can use just in case there’s an issue while you’re using it.


This is a free messaging app available on both Google Play and Apple Store. What we like about this app is it offers free voice/video calls, messages and it has a lot of features, emojis, stickers and games. You can sign up by using your phone number. For me it’s the best app because the messages are encrypted. So, if you are in a mood to be flirty with each other you guys are SAFE!  

Google Hangouts

This is one of the messaging apps that we used because for some reason the audio and video calls are so much clearer. It’s also FREE for iPhone and Android users. It also have screen recording options which you can use if you want to watch movie together

Facebook Messenger

The most famous messaging app with over 1 Billion downloads. It’s free and it’s the most convenient app you can use. You can call for free and reach whoever wherever and whenever you are!

Watching movies with your LDR partner is never been easy but not impossible. Get that real life movie date feeling through these!


This is the app that we used every time we go on movie dates. This is truly a blessing for us since we both love watching movies. It works on computers, phone, tablets and all other gadgets and it is also free.


We rarely use Skype for calls but it’s always there as backup. Signal issues appear every now causing my apps to not work at all, so my boyfriend will call my phone direct using Skype credit. I was really surprised the day I found out that Skype allows screen sharing now we have options to use for our dates.


This is the app that we used on our first movie date. Its really nice because there’s a chatroom in there where you can talk about the movie and share your reactions. It also you to be on a call while you’re in it. So it’s pretty nice

Yes guys I know what you’re thinking! You can play and still have fun with your partner. Check this out!


There are a lot of games that you can use but this is the one that we love. We are both signed in from 1 account and we are just building our accounts, upgrading our power ups, fighting battles and joining tournaments and we enjoy every bit of it! We have this account for 3 years now and it gives us that connection that we are a team!


If we’re in the mood of competing against each other we play this. It enhances our vocabulary and you can definitely learn something while having fun!

There are tons of apps out there that we can use but these ones are the best that we’ve tried so far.

When it comes to booking flights, I recommend to use this app. There are a lot of cheap flights and they do promos every now and then.

If you have questions and suggestions let me know! Share your experiences with me on the comments below!

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